By: Chaos and Raven w/ Bunny

Matt was a selfish bastard, but he owned his faults along with his strengths so it had never occurred to him that this might be a problem. He was used to getting what he wanted, when he wanted it, usually without even having to ask. He couldnft quite figure out what was different with Rayfs friends. Well, one in particular.

gHis voice makes my heart stop,h he said to Eddie, moodily sucking on his beer. Theyfd left Japan three days ago and he hadnft stopped listing to the MD Ray had palmed him. His gut clenched uncomfortably every time Koyuki sang solo.

gHefs jailbait,h Eddie reminded him. He didnft look up from the television and obviously didnft really care about Mattfs frustration. Eddie was a prick, no matter what anyone said. He had a sweet smile that everybody bought, but Matt knew the truth. He was a heartless jackass.

gIfm not gay, asshole,h Matt muttered. gTherefs just something about his singing.h

Eddie tipped his head back so that Matt could watch as he rolled his eyes. gWhat about that one time in Vegas? Or the other time in Honolulu? You werenft even drunk that time.h

Mattfs face burned. He wanted to deny it, say it didnft count, but Eddie was already laughing at him. There was no need to make things worse. He couldnft help it that he was famous and that beautiful people were always throwing themselves at him. Probably he could have said no, but he wasnft that kind of idiot. It wasnft like any of the guys hefd fucked around with had been especially manly. They were just gorgeous like all the people Matt knew.

gLet him grow up a bit before you decide to bone him,h Eddie said in that smug, dismissive way he had.

Matt growled, and went to find his headphones. He hadnft thought about Koyuki like that until Eddie said something. Now, he knew, it wouldnft go away until he saw Koyuki again, maybe not even then. He could be patient, he thought to himself. He could wait a year, two years, whatever it took. He could wait. Probably.

gI bet Ray will do him first though,h Eddie said, loudly. gDoesnft he look like the kind of person Ray would want to deflower?h

Matt tugged his headphones on, not bothering to listen any longer. Eddie was yanking his chain for fun now. Koyukifs voice soothed him, as it always did, and he drifted. A year, two. It was irrelevant. Eventually, Matt always got what he wanted.