Bright, Shining Lights
By: Chaos and Raven w/ Bunny

Koyuki always imagined that there were certain things that made someone a superstar. There was potential and then talent. There was the creative spirit and then drive. After which came fame. Glory.

It wasn't easy. Koyuki knew firsthand it wasn't easy.

Koyuki theorized that there were two kinds of superstars: the kind people loved and gave the opportunity. They were big and they were beautiful and the stage wanted them. The other kind had pure, unadulterated talent. They started from scratch and from seedy bars and open mikes and when they sang, you wanted to cry with them and laugh with them and be everything with them. Chiba was the first kind. And if he worked hard enough, Koyuki knew he could be the second.

Once in a while, someone came along who was both but Koyuki had yet to meet anyone who fit that mold.

It was the biggest revelation of his life when Eddie invited them to watch the secret Dying Breed live in Tokyo. It was more massive than he had ever imagined, he thought, wedged between Maho and Ray and the stage was so high and so big and blue and Koyuki wanted to be up there. He wanted to be good enough to touch that stage.

And then Matt came on and his breath caught in his throat. The moment the man opened his mouth and took the microphone in his hands, the air changed and Koyuki had to amend his own theory about superstars. You had the first kind and the second kind...and yes, there were definitely people who were both.

He was singing right now. Koyuki tried to imagine what he could ever say to Matt, should they meet. Something more than, "Wow. That was great. Wow."

Matt -- you are the best singer I have ever heard. Matt -- you are...God, Matt.

"Koyuki! It's Eiji!" Maho had hissed and Koyuki's snapped back to attention. But all he saw was fire, cementing what he'd been thinking all along. There was something about that man. Something more then talent and love and fame and glory... Koyuki closed his eyes and tried to imagine being that certain of himself. He couldn't. It was just another of the things that separated the two of them. One of the things that put Matt on the stage and not him.

And then:

"KOYUKI. Matt wants you to sing!" Maho elbowed him hard and Koyuki caved inward but scrambled up the stage like he was told.

Matt wanted him to sing. He believed in Koyuki and wanted to show the world why. Who could let him down after that? Matt believed in him.

So he sang, even after that lousy start. Koyuki closed his eyes and channeled a little of Matt. I can get away with this too. I can get away with being big and beautiful -- even if he wasn't -- And I can do this for me. For the band in front of me...and the one behind, watching. And Matt, always Matt.

Later, when Koyuki's knees nearly buckled from the effort of singing his heart out and his head bowed a little, the sweat dripping onto the floor, Matt took him by the arm and pulled him behind the curtain. Koyuki closed his eyes and let himself be kissed. Because Matt was that kind of superstar and got away with things...even things like this.