Bed Rest
By: Chaos and Raven

If anyone in the world was likely to be a whiny little bitch while sick, it was Justin. Justin did sick the same way he did everything else: big. There were no piddly sinus colds or fevers. He got laid out, spend a week in bed not moving sick. He also got bitchy. With a side of whining.

"Chris! I'm horny."

"You're sick." Chris replied. He was sitting in the next room with JC. It was far enough away that Justin couldn't throw things at them -- he was known to do that while sick -- but close enough that if he really needed something, they would be able to help him.

"I need sex!"

"You need sleep."


Chris appeared in the doorway. "You are not going to take advantage of JC's kind and gentle nature to get off, Timberlake."


"Give it a rest kid."

"Shower?" He asked hopefully.

Chris sighed and leaned against the door frame. "Still involves someone keeping an eye on you."

Justin grumbled and sank back into his pillows. He didn't really want to jerk off in bed. He'd end up with sticky sheets, a thought that was just a little repulsive. He was about to open his mouth to complain again when Chris spoke up.

"I'm going to go make lunch. You are not allowed to harass JC while I'm gone."

Justin frowned and didn't reply which meant he understood. He watched through the blankets as Chris exited into the hallway and presumably down the stairs to Justin's kitchen. Justin's bedroom was eerily silent for a minute before he picked up the steady sound of JC flipping pages in his book.

JC read at a ridiculous rate. He consumed books like candy. And they weren't even good books. Justin at least sorted through the bestsellers list before committing to a novel. JC read supermarket romance novel trash. The ones with woman escaping their bodices and long haired, bare-chested men. He would sit with one hand on his face, carefully licking his thumb before flipping the pages.

Justin squirmed uncomfortably. "JC?" He called out hesitantly. "Can you get me a towel?"

JC came into the room with a puzzled expression on his face. His hair was mussed from pushing it out of his eyes while he read. Justin squirmed again. "A towel? What -- Oh."

Justin bit his lip and kicked the blankets down to his feet. His hand traced the line of his sweats, dipping cautiously below the waistband. JC stepped up to the bed, clearing his throat a little before tossing the hand towel to Justin.

"Here's, um, the... Here."

Justin grunted his appreciation but didn't really say anything in reply. He was already entranced by the way his stomach twisted with arousal every time he gently stroked it. He wiggled his hips and managed to slide his pants down enough to free his straining erection. He hissed as the elastic scraped across the tops of his thighs.

JC turned back to Justin at the sound and stood entranced by the sight on the bed. Justin had his eyes clenched shut. One hand trailed gently up his torso, teasing his nipples into sharp points. The other disappeared between his thighs. His big hand hid most of his cock from view. He arched a little, his hips undulating off the bed. JC bit his lip and kept watching.

Justin slid one foot up and used it to pull his other leg out of the sweats. Free of their confinement, his legs fell open. He moaned softly, his fingers dipping down even further to tease his hole. JC let his mouth fall open in shock as Justin shifted, sliding his hand from between his legs. He placed one foot flat on the bed and twined his arm through the space it made.

JC watched, transfixed, as Justin continued to pleasure himself. Justin's mouth opened slightly, his eyebrows knitting in concentration. The hand that had been tweaking his nipples rubbed down his stomach and up his cock. He tugged gently, pushing back on his finger as he rocked his hips back and forth. He wasn't loud but harsh gasps and smothered moans escaped his parted lips.

He jacked himself quickly, either impatient for release or mindful that Chris could come back at any minute. JC was shocked that Justin hadn't opened his eyes at all. He was always wary of being seen like that and would flutter his eyes open ever few seconds just to be sure that no one was near.

Justin's breathing became more urgent. The hand that had been gently probing his anus fisted in the sheets. He stiffened suddenly and let out a loud groan, semen spilling over his fingers and onto his stomach. JC swallowed convulsively. Justin brought a hand to his mouth, sucking his fingers free of come. His eyes opened fractionally.

"C? Is that -- Um, oh." He grappled uselessly for the towel.

JC crossed the room in three quick strides. "Just let me..."

He grabbed one of Justin's arms and held it firm against the bed. Justin gasped and tried to wriggle away until JC's tongue swept a long, wet path down his abdomen. He fell limply back against the pillows. His free hand came up to touch JC's cheek.

"Jayce? What are you... I mean, why?"

JC looked up, licking his lips. "You just. And I just." He waved his arm around.

Justin nodded, twining his hand in JC's hair. "You can. If you want."

He looked up at Justin briefly, then ducked his head back down. JC's tongue was warm and smooth on his skin. Justin fisted JC's hair a little, tangling his fingers in the loopy curls. JC swept a broad stripe across his over-stimulated cock and Justin writhed.

"Okay, enough," he said, tugging on JC's hair.

JC smiled happily up at him and kissed his bellybutton. "I would kiss your mouth but, um, sick germs."

Justin rolled his eyes. "You men are all the same. Sure, you'll lick spunk of my stomach but do something that might get you sick? Never." He settled himself down under the blankets again.

"Whiner." JC accused. "I'm gonna go see if Chris is done with lunch."

"Mmkay," Justin agreed sleepily. "And JC? I give great head. When I can breathe through my nose again, I'll show you."