By: Chaos and Raven

Inui would be the first to admit that he was a little intimidating. Sometimes, he was a lot intimidating. Those were the times he did it on purpose, though. He wasn’t blind to the fact that younger students were even more wary of him than of Kaidoh. He topped six feet and he wasn’t even fifteen yet. The fact that his glasses kept his eyes hidden from view didn’t help as it only left his mouth visible and his mouth could be very cruel. He didn’t necessarily like scaring the underclassmen but he’d be lying if he didn’t say that their slanted glances thrilled him a little.

Inui liked to provoke reactions. He liked gauging what a particular person might do in any given situation. Some people, like Tezuka, Fuji, or Echizen could be counted on to show no visible reaction while others were likely to respond with energy no matter what.

It had nothing to do with data tennis -- though his teammates would never think otherwise -- and everything to do with the way Kikumaru could draw his name out until it was six syllables long instead of three. It had been a while before he could admit, even to himself, that’s what he was doing when he devised his little scenarios. He didn’t write in his notebooks about those experiments, instead committing to memory the slightly nasal whine of Kikumaru’s displeasure. Inui. Eee-nooo-eeee.

It wasn’t long after that his teenaged mind began to transfer the sounds and images of the tennis court into the bedroom. And Inui, never prone to daydreaming, found himself overwhelmed by the depths of his imagination. He nearly skipped practice once or twice after accidentally catching Kikumaru changing.

His photographic memory was never so inconvenient. He could clearly see Kikumaru naked and in any number of positions, like flipping through a slideshow.

Snap. Bending over to grab his racquet. Snap. Looking ruefully up from the ground. Snap. Stretching, his limbs extending as far as they can go.

Inui learned things about himself that he would have almost rather remained a mystery. It was a little illicit and a little sick to picture Kikumaru bent over the locker room sink, his hands grasping uselessly against the porcelain. And that was only one of many fantasies Inui had. While the rational part of him was disgusted by his own depravity, there was another part that loved the thrill it gave him. He didn’t think he’d ever act on it but he’d never thought he’d be such a pervert, either.

The science classroom was a good place for Inui to get peace and quiet. When there weren’t classes, it was almost always empty. It was perfect for steeling his reserve and refreshing his serenity before practice.

Today, his mantra was ‘just because Kikumaru likes popsicles, does not mean he wants to suck your dick.’ It was something he’d been forced to remind himself of at various intervals during the day. The weather was unseasonably hot and it seemed every time he saw Kikumaru, the other boy was thrusting ice cold treats in his mouth. They were all red, too, and Kikumaru’s mouth was stained cherry.

Inui made a conscious effort not to grope himself. He was still at school, for fucks sake.

Thinking about Kikumaru and blowjobs at the same time was obviously detrimental to his mental wellbeing. Several times, he’d been tempted to tell Kikumaru that ice-cream was not on the approved diet but his self-control was hanging by a thread as it was.

Usually he looked forward to tennis practice but today he would much rather go home to the privacy of his bedroom than torture himself with visions of Kikumaru. At least he would be able to do something about it if he were at home.

He turned back to the blender and added a handful of spinach to it. He considered making another red juice but he was out of beets. He was still trying to think up a good name for his spinach/tofu/asparagus/zucchini blend when the door to the classroom snapped open.

Of course, it had to be the subject of his frustration, Kikumaru Eiji.

“Inui! I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

Inui adjusted his glasses which had the added benefit of allowing him time to collect his thoughts (and not molest Kikumaru on the spot). “It’s not time for practice yet, is it?”

“Huh? No, of course not! I wanted to fix my training menu a little,” he said.

“I noticed you’re favoring your left ankle. Is it the weights or did you hurt yourself?”

Kikumaru gave a sheepish grin. “I kicked my desk on accident.”

It was another effort not to make inappropriate ‘playing doctor’ comments as he ushered Kikumaru over and sat him down. Kikumaru pulled off his shoe and sock to show Inui the place he’d hit. There wasn’t much discoloration, though it was slightly inflamed. Kikumaru hissed in displeasure as Inui pressed his fingers along the bone.

“Inui! That hurts.”

Inui bit his lip and gently ran his fingers over Kikumaru’s swollen ankle. “We should ice it a little,” Inui said. “I’ll tell Tezuka that you shouldn’t run too many laps today. If you don’t strain it, I think it will be fine in a few days.” He paused to think. “Take two weights out when you train until your foot is better and don’t jump so much.”

“Thank you, Inui!”

“Is that all?”

“Do you think my stamina training is enough?” He asked seriously. “I don’t want... I don’t want to be such a burden on Oishi.” Kikumaru ruffled his hair. “I know he doesn’t mind but I feel it here.” He thumped his fist against his chest.

“I think,” Inui said carefully, “that stamina will not come quickly. You have to be patient and train carefully. You may not even realize how far you’ve come until you look back to where you were.”

Kikumaru grinned, crinkling up his eyes. “You’re so wise, Inui-san,” he said, slightly facetiously.

“Of course,” Inui replied. He picked up the blender full of soupy green liquid and decanted it into a water bottle.

Kikumaru screwed up his face into a grimace. “What is it?”

“I haven’t come up with a name just yet. I was thinking ‘Best Ever Inui Juice’ but I don’t know yet. Ah! There’s the bell. I have to clean up first but I will see you at the tennis courts.”

Kikumaru nodded and hopped down from the counter. He gave a little wave as he exited the classroom. Inui groaned. Loudly. Today would be torture, pure and simple. He would die, heroically restraining his lust for Kikumaru’s sweet body. He washed out his blender and put everything back into his bag.

If he timed it carefully, he wouldn’t have to see Kikumaru in any state of undress. He wanted to, of course, but his restraint had been pushed enough for one day. It was all he could do to be near Kikumaru and not touch him.

His fingers twitched every time the other boy was near. Three times in one day -- three -- he’d found himself reaching out and then drawing away. And he was slipping fast. It was only a matter of time before someone pieced things together.

Inui dragged his feet -- or as much was possible with his long legs -- on his way to the clubhouse. It wasn’t enough though. The freshmen were the only ones there, fortunately. Echizen’s friends. He knew their names but for the life of him couldn’t remember. It was likely they would dress faster due to his presence anyway so he didn’t worry about it. He sighed and stripped down, changing into his bright green track pants.

He managed to avoid Kikumaru throughout practice. The sight of him was always on the periphery of Inui’s focus but he refused to let himself turn his head to see. Of course, Inui reflected as he jogged several steps behind Kikumaru, Tezuka’s sadism was always more subtle than his own. Their captain did so love to make them run laps.

It wasn’t the bouncing, though perhaps if Kikumaru had been a girl that would be a consideration. It was the breathing. And the smell. And his damned imagination. All conspiring to drive him out of his mind. It was working a little too well.

He couldn’t just slow down though. Or move away. He could speed up, but would only be able to keep up that pace for a short amount of time. He was counting the seconds, counting the footfalls that would lead to his freedom and, hopefully, his release.

After finishing his laps, Inui waited around on the clay courts until the locker room was clear. He wanted the showers empty so he could indulge himself before locking up and going home. There was no way he was riding the bus home considering the state he was in. At long last, Tezuka stepped out and waved good-bye to him. The captain made a habit of being the last to leave and that was Inui’s sign the club house would now be free of others.

The sound of water running caught his ear immediately. Apparently, not everyone had left yet. He frowned with displeasure and stepped over to the showers to give whomever it was a piece of his mind. And then stopped short as he was treated to a view that he thought could only live in his fevered imagination.

Under the furthest showerhead, with one hand braced against the tiles, Kikumaru was stroking himself and moaning heatedly. So much, in fact, that Inui was surprised he hadn’t heard when he walked in the door. Now, it was all he could hear. Little panted breaths. Ah. Ah. Ah. Mmmm.

Kikumaru’s face twisted in what may have been a grimace, if not for the pleasured sounds coming from his mouth. His eyes remained tightly closed as he begged an invisible lover for climax.

Inui’s eyes greedily swallowed the scene in front of him, absorbing the presentation for later review. The simplest things distracted him. The water dripping down from behind Kikumaru’s ear, a place he wanted to lick and suck and taste. His fingers, knuckles white from strain where he held himself upright. His tight pink nipples that Inui wanted to pinch and twist. The faint trail of dark red hair leading Inui’s eyes to where they most wanted to be and yet shied away from.

“Oh! Oh, more!”

He watched in horrified fascination as Kikumaru turned, braced his shoulders against the tile, and slid his free hand behind himself. Inui heard, in that long drawn out moan as Kikumaru penetrated himself with his fingers, the gentle shatter of his remaining self-control.

He made an effort, however slight the difference may have been, to compose himself and retain a small portion of his dignity. “What do you think you’re doing?” He asked, in his most authoritative voice. It cracked in slightly in the middle as Kikumaru shuddered in pleasure.

“I... Inui?”

That was a sound he could get used to.

Kikumaru’s eyes fluttered open. His mouth was slack and his face slick with sweat and water. “What are you, I mean, what?”

Inui smiled in a way that would have had three-quarters of the tennis team running for their lives and took a step forward. “I should ask that of you. Masturbating in the shower?”

Kikumaru’s eyes flicked down to Inui’s crotch and his obvious erection then back up to his eyes. “Did I beat you to it?” He asked silkily. With obvious intent, he ran a hand from his hard cock up his stomach to his chest and then moaned for effect. “I’ll be done soon.”

He yanked his t-shirt over his head and kicked off his trainers. “I think,” Inui said with deliberate care, “that you’ll be done when I say so.” He dropped his pants and stepped onto the wet tile.

Inui liked reactions. He strove for them. And this was the best yet. Kikumaru’s expression snapped wide open in shock and then slackened with arousal. Inui reached forward, clamping one palm against Kikumaru’s cheek, and licked the trail of water he had been fixated on when he stepped into the room.

“What are you? A-aaah!”

Without giving him time to protest Inui reached down, grasping Kikumaru with one hand and began to unceremoniously jerk him off. He could feel the blood throbbing through Kikumaru’s body with each heartbeat, each thrust. Arms came up, circling his neck as Kikumaru panted in his ear.

He gripped a little firmer, stroked a little faster with encouragement being growled at him. Kikumaru’s hips jerked reflexively, trying for more, more, more. Give me more, Inui. And Inui pushed him back against the tile, his mouth burning marks into Kikumaru’s neck, and gave him what he asked for.

Kikumaru came with an mmm, mmm, ooooooh contented noise and his head fell back to look at Inui through thick lashes. “Inui!”

And it was his favorite whine, the one he heard most often after administering Inui juice for failing to complete his impossible tasks. Inui brought up his hand, slicking dirty fingers along Kikumaru’s contented smile. Just as he expected, the pink tongue came out to taste and Inui plunged his fingers into Kikumaru’s mouth.

It was a testament to the lustful haze he was in that Kikumaru didn’t protest. Nor did he protest when Inui began to thrust his fingers in lazy jerks, a preview of things to come. He pulled back, swiping his thumb across cherry red lips. How he had refrained before then, he had no idea. Inui would never be able to keep his hands off Kikumaru now.

He stole a brief kiss, coaxing Kikumaru’s lips open with deliberate intent. “Eiji,” Inui said, using the name as a tease, “I want you to do something for me.”

Kikumaru’s head strained upward, trying to recapture Inui’s lips. “What?” He asked breathlessly.

“Will you do it?” Inui murmured into his neck, licking and biting along his jaw.

Kikumaru squirmed, torn between giving himself up to the sensations and slipping from Inui’s grasp. “Tell me first.”

A calculating smile flitted across Inui’s face and then was gone. He leaned over a little, pushing down on Kikumaru’s shoulders. When he straightened, the other boy was already halfway to his knees and comprehension began to dawn.


Oh, if only he could catalogue the many ways Kikumaru said his name. Appalled and intrigued, Inui thought. A new combination but it certainly wouldn’t be the last time he heard it. Not if he had his way, and he thoroughly intended to. He grinned, shark like, and pushed his hips forward slightly.

Kikumaru gasped as the head of Inui’s cock slipped against his cheek, slick with water, hot and hard. His fingers came up to grip Inui’s thighs, his elbows locked as he made up his mind. Inui pushed Kikumaru’s hair back out of his eyes, stroking his fingers over Kikumaru’s slightly parted lips.

“What do you think?” He asked.

In place of an answer, Kikumaru sucked two of Inui’s fingers into his mouth and pulled on them with the wetslicksmooth of his tongue. Inui gasped, air rushing into his lungs in a choked whine. He could only fucking imagine...

“Eiji.” Inui paused, lost in wondrous sensation as Kikumaru rippled his tongue around his fingers.

The redhead darted a sly glance upward, moaning artfully before slipping Inui free of his mouth. “Oh, you’re so big, Inui-san,” he said with contrived awe.

Inui’s eyebrow twitched. His body was taut with frustration and he could feel the blood pounding in his ears. Obviously, he was a stronger man than even he gave himself credit for. It was his sincerest wish to simply shove Kikumaru down onto the tile and fuck him until he screamed. He hadn’t yet, and that certainly said something.

Eiji.” He hoped his voice was able to convey his frustration because there was no way he would be able to articulate it otherwise.

With obvious intent, Kikumaru rubbed his cheek against the sharp protrusion of Inui’s hipbone. His tongue darted out to trace water droplets down the line of muscle that led to his groin. Inui threaded his fingers into Kikumaru’s hair, petting and tugging in encouragement. It was not in his nature to make noise during sex but he suspected that Kikumaru would drag the sounds out of him.

That thought abruptly cut off as his aching erection was finally encased in perfection. Inui’s fingers tightened briefly. Every moment of intimacy with Kikumaru was even greater than his expectations. He’d foolishly thought that his imagination was astonishing. Nothing could surpass the reality of lips and tongue and clenching fingers all working together to make him lose his mind.

He rode through Kikumaru’s surprisingly skilled motions, his hips moving of their own accord. Obviously, chatter was not the only area his teammate excelled. Inui allowed a groan to escape as Kikumaru swallowed around him.

The heady bliss of climax was steadily approaching with every swipe of tongue, every stroke of Kikumaru’s mouth over his cock. He forced his eyes to remain open, as much as he wanted to throw his head back in rapture. He wanted to see, needed to see Kikumaru’s brows furrowed in concentration, his fingers tight on Inui’s hips, his mouth stretched to accommodate Inui’s achingly hard length.

Liquid sex, that’s what Kikumaru’s mouth felt like. Condensed, concentrated, and then focused directly at his most sensitive areas. He knew just where to lick, just how to suck, to get the best response. And respond Inui did. Not deliberately, for sure, but little moans and groans and pleas escaped his slack lips regardless.

Inui reached down to caress Kikumaru’s cheek and came with startling quickness as Kikumaru gasped around him. To his credit, the other boy didn’t choke but swallowed with practiced ease. Inui felt his knees begin to buckle and dropped bonelessly to the floor.

Kikumaru’s sweet mouth was open and waiting for him and Inui went to it happily. It was tinged with the bitter taint of his semen but that was hardly enough to discourage him.

“Hoi,” Kikumaru said with a sated smile. “That was nice, Inui-senpai.”

Inui rolled his eyes, though he knew Kikumaru couldn’t see. “Better than by yourself, for sure.”

He scoffed. “You weren’t complaining.”

Inui placed one last lingering kiss on Kikumaru’s lips before standing. “That’s because I’m not a fool. Now come on and get dressed.”

He turned the showerhead off and walked naked to his bag where his towel was waiting. Behind him, he heard the slap of wet feet and his damp clothes were dropped onto the bench next to him. He flushed at the reminder of his sudden loss of control and stuffed his things into the duffle.

When he was buttoned up and looking proper again, he turned to face Kikumaru. He cleared his throat, about to make some discreet suggestion about continuing their liaison but the other boy beat him to it.

“Hey Inui? Want to help me with my homework tonight?” The wide grin on Kikumaru’s face and the particular stress he put on the word ‘homework’ made it perfectly clear that homework would be the last of his worries.

“Do you need help?” He asked blandly.

“Not particularly,” Kikumaru said with a slight drawl. “But it’s much more fun with another person.”

Inui paused in the middle of gathering his things and closing up the clubhouse. That was about as subtle as a twist serve to the face. He could feel his solemn expression trying to break. He wasn’t sure he was ready for that outside the throes of passion, though, and quickly busied himself with locking the door.

They walked side by side to the bus stop. Anyone watching would have seen two friends going home after school and not the pornographic picture show going on behind Inui’s glasses. He couldn’t say what Kikumaru felt, but already a sharp fissure of lust was spreading up his spine. He resisted the urge to shift uncomfortably. It was difficult to keep his mind on mundane matters with Kikumaru next to him, with the knowledge his parents wouldn’t be home for hours.

As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t relive their moments in the shower. That would erase the entire effort. There would be time later, after his chores were done, his homework completed, to lay back and close his eyes. Time later to see Kikumaru on his knees, a devilish smirk quirking his lips as he lowered his head. Time later.

He sighed as the bus pulled up and they slunk to the back. Not too crowded. It was just past rush hour. A few older students sat near the middle, talking and laughing loudly. Inui ignored them, scooting next to the window to make room for Kikumaru next to him. The trip passed in relative silence, the seconds ticking by in infinite slowness.

Habits that Inui detested in other people were trying to escape him in nervous tension. His leg wanted to bounce and twice he stopped himself from biting at his thumbnail. He allowed himself to tap his fingers against his thigh until Kikumaru’s warm hand slid over his in a supposedly soothing gesture that left him feeling tense like a coiled spring.

It seemed completely illogical that the trip took forever but once they stepped off the bus, he felt that no time had passed at all. Kikumaru trailed after him as he led the way through his neighborhood to the small house he shared with his parents. As he expected, there was a note on the refrigerator telling him they would be home too late for dinner and that there was food prepared for when he got hungry.

Inui turned to Kikumaru who was waiting patiently. He raised an eyebrow and gestured with his head towards the living room, and past that, his own bedroom.

“My parents will not be home until much later this evening,” he said with perfect calm. “What would you like to begin with?”

He’d meant it as a joke, in reference to Kikumaru’s ‘homework’ ploy. Whether or not Kikumaru got the joke was irrelevant, he took it as permission and attached himself to Inui at the lips. Inui’s arms accepted Kikumaru automatically, his hands curving around the other boy’s waist and slipping under his t-shirt.

Kikumaru’s mouth was as sweet as it had been hours earlier. The noises he made when Inui stroked his stomach and pet his face were just as delicious. Inui stumbled in vain attempt to remove them from the kitchen. Lust made him clumsy. His need dictated they stay right there, while the small portion of his brain that was still functioning cautioned that the kitchen would be quite uncomfortable. He slid his hands down, cupping Kikumaru’s ass in his palms and urging him to move as well.

Kikumaru tumbled after effortlessly. His hands deftly shoved up Inui’s shirt and skating over his ribs, over his pecs, teasing his nipples, and then settling to twist in his spiky hair after flinging the shirt behind them.

Kissing and walking, Inui discovered, were not impossible to do in tandem. It took considerably more concentration to walk than normal and he found he wasn’t quite able to tear his attention away from hotwetgodyes kisses that slid across his mouth and up his jaw.

He made it to the living room, barely. His cock was hard in his pants, harder than it had ever been with his own hand on it. He smacked his shin against the edge of the sofa as he passed and simply gave up fighting there. They would get no further than the couch and he was totally fine with that.

He eased Kikumaru out of his arms, teasing wet kisses down his neck. With impatient hands, Inui yanked Kikumaru’s shirt up and over his head, tossing it near the coffee table. He felt rushed, fevered. He was never going to get enough of Kikumaru’s body, of his taste, his touch, his voice. Inui would happily drown in the sensations overwhelming him. Sex was always good, always pleasurable, but he’d never found himself completely lost in it before.

An encouraging moan met his ears as Inui licked a path to Kikumaru’s navel. This wasn’t what he wanted though. What he wanted was more. Inui’s fingers swiftly divested Kikumaru of his pants, leaving him bare and trembling lightly on the carpet. His hands caressed up Kikumaru’s thighs, stroking and gently pushing them apart. He slouched down further on his knees and nuzzled forward, his mouth getting lost in the sweet, soft skin of Kikumaru’s hips and his fingers gently probing between Kikumaru’s legs.

Kikumaru tripped backwards, catching himself on the arm of the sofa. He let his knees fall open when Inui nudged them. Inui didn’t even bother to hide the thrill that gave him. Clearly, heaven was to be found between Kikumaru’s thighs.

With less than steady legs -- his head was spinning -- Inui stood again, wrapping himself around Kikumaru and pressing him close. His skin burned with hot want every place they touched. Their mouths met and Inui bent nearly double to lick into Kikumaru’s heat. He gasped aloud when his slacks loosened and slid down to his ankles. Kikumaru’s heels hooked behind his knees and pulled him forward in invitation.

“Do you want...” Inui began, whispering into their kiss.

“Yes, all of it,” Kikumaru interrupted.

It took a moment for his mind to catch up to that statement, and then another to figure the practicality of fucking in the living room. There was lotion, he knew, for his mother’s hands but it would serve just as well for lubrication and he always carried condoms, just in case. He kissed Kikumaru deeply once more before pulling back.

Kikumaru’s eyes were glazed and his mouth kiss swollen. Inui hated to pull away but the promise of more was simply too alluring for him to resist. He smirked a little at the whine Kikumaru gave him but ignored it. The lotion was on the damned coffee table that tripped him up in the first place. He grabbed it then took a moment to strip his shorts off and grab the condom from his pants.

When he turned, Kikumaru was still propped against the sofa, slowly masturbating as he watched Inui wander around the room. Inui’s mouth felt suddenly dry. He quickly took the three steps necessary to put himself back into arms reach and attacked Kikumaru’s mouth with a vengeance.

“Mmm, Inui,” Kikumaru murmured as Inui took hold of his cock. “So good.”

Inui kissed his mouth, nipping gently at his lips, and slid one long thigh between Kikumaru’s legs for him to thrust against. His own cock was painfully hard but he was as used to that as he could be and was ignoring it for the time being. The lotion fell to the cushions behind them when Inui dropped it in favor of gripping the sides of Kikumaru’s face as he kissed him. His thumb stroked one corner of Kikumaru’s mouth and he pressed wet kisses to the other.

“Inui, I wanted more,” Kikumaru moaned.

He smirked a little and placed a kiss to Kikumaru’s cheek. “Indeed.”

It was easier than he would have thought to step back again. Inui urged Kikumaru forward and then flipped him over so the redhead’s arms braced against the couch. He ran his hands down the perfect, silken skin of Kikumaru’s back and nudged his fingers suggestively against Kikumaru’s ass. It dawned on him as Kikumaru thrust back encouragingly, that he had been watching the other boy fuck himself in the shower. Kikumaru was certainly not new to this sort of foreplay.

With his other hand, the one not busy teasing Kikumaru’s hole, Inui snatched up the lotion again. Two lubricated fingers slid into Kikumaru with no effort at all. Kikumaru’s back arched and he moaned ecstatically. It was hot and tight and Inui worried he’d come just thinking about being inside. He pushed his fingers in deeper, watching Kikumaru shake and moan against the sofa.

Now, Inui,” Kikumaru gasped. “I’m so ready.”

Oh, and he was too. Inui could see it in the movement of his hips, could hear it in the heated moans of pleasure. He pushed his fingers in hard, one more time, before casting about for the condom he dropped.

Evidently, Kikumaru was too blissed out to move at this point, and only whined pitifully as Inui’s hands left him. His head was pillowed on his arms and his legs spread, waiting. Inui fumbled the condom on his first attempt because he was looking up at the curve of Kikumaru’s ass but managed to get it on.

He winced a little as he spread lotion along his stiff cock. He was too impatient. Seeing Kikumaru’s body begging for him, though, he didn’t think he should be patient. Inui felt Kikumaru shudder as he steadied himself against the other boy’s hip. And then he simply melted backwards when Inui pushed into him in one long, steady stroke.

They moaned in unison. Inui had known it would be perfection. He didn’t need data to come to that conclusion either but it was so, so nice to be proven right once again. He tightened his grip on Kikumaru’s hips, leaning over to breathe in his ear.

“Is this what you wanted?” Inui purred. He rocked forward a little.

“I... Inui! Please.”

He thrust again, his hold on Kikumaru keeping him steady. “Please? Please fuck you? Please stop?” He added slyly. Not that he could stop, even if he wanted. And he most assuredly did not.

“Yes. No. Fuck!” Kikumaru broke off with a groan as Inui began to thrust more, his hips jerking in steady time like a metronome. In, out, in. His fingers clutched uselessly against the upholstery, his body being moved by Inui’s rhythm.

Inui could feel himself being lost in his lust. Usually, he had some measure of control over himself, over his actions, but not in this. He loved the feel of Kikumaru’s skin under his fingers. He loved the smell of sweat and sex in the air. And most of all, he loved the sounds.

“Tell me,” he whispered; his tongue and teeth catching along Kikumaru’s neck. “Scream if you like. I want to know.”

“You... you.” Kikumaru gasped again as Inui’s thrusts began to pick up intensity. “It’s so good. The feel... I want. God. I want harder. Do me harder, Inui.”

“Fuck you, yes.”

Inui sank his teeth into Kikumaru’s neck. It was erratic and a little bit crazy. He couldn’t even think to reach around and stroke Kikumaru off. Though from the sounds, it probably wouldn’t be necessary. His fingers would bruise Kikumaru’s hips, his mouth definitely would leave a mark, and he didn’t care. Worst of all, he wanted it. He wanted anyone who saw Kikumaru to know this lust, this passion and to see it as a brand.

He pushed harder, pulled stronger. The slap of skin on skin was pervasive throughout the room, as loud as their chanting voices. God, fuck, yes please, more, harder. A litany repeated over and over until the words no longer made sense and it was the feeling, the need that spurred him on and drove him into Kikumaru’s body.

Orgasm, when it came, caused his vision to go black and sweet nothing to dance before him. When his sight cleared and he felt his limbs might respond again Inui found himself draped over Kikumaru, still leaning into the couch. His hand stole forward, in sudden consideration for his partner but encountered a wet stain of semen along Kikumaru’s leg.

“Did you?”

“Hhhmmm.” Kikumaru made an agreeing noise. “When you were fucking me.”

Inui smiled. “Good. I thought you might. Would you like to shower?” He stood then, sliding free of tight heat with a twinge of disappointment.

“Will you shower with me?” Kikumaru asked with a bright smile.

“Perhaps that’s not the best idea.” He watched Kikumaru’s face fall with a hint of regret for teasing him. “Perhaps after all our homework is done I can make it up to you. And again in the morning. You should call your mother to tell her where you are.”

Kikumaru’s laugh was like sunshine as he slid into Inui’s lap and kissed all over his face. Well, maybe a quick shower wouldn’t hurt.