Snowball's Chance In Hell
By: Chaos and Raven

Rogue breaks up with him. It's not really surprising but he thought that there might be something deeper between them, something that would override her fear of herself. It hurts more than he thought it would but with all the hurting he's done in the past weeks, it's probably a culmination of events.

The thing that does surprise him, is that Wolverine -- Logan -- is still in Westchester. Without Jean, Bobby wonders what ties the older man down. Once he would have thought Rogue but he hasn't seen them together for more than a handful of minutes. Logan seems to alternately spend time with Scott and Scott's cars. Not that Bobby has been looking. Much.

When he's not skulking through the hallways, Bobby's taken to sitting out in the back near the pool. None of the other students are willing to go out there when he is, because it's the best place for him to work on his abilities and they're not too keen on cold. The pool freezes up quite nicely these days and he doesn't have to worry about killing anything the way he would if he practiced on the pond.

The sun beats down bright and hot against the back of his neck. Bobby has shorts on and his flip-flops are in a pile with his T-shirt. His feet dangle in the frigid water. It's maybe a little vicious to monopolize the pool in such nice weather, but the professor has recommended he experiment with his powers more. There's always the pond, he thinks with a smile. He can hear Peter's loud booming laugh from there and imagines him vaulting over cattails into the deeper water.

"We're gonna have to get you your own pool, Frosty."

Bobby turns, startled. Logan walks slowly down the path. He's dressed much the same as everyone else. Shorts, tank, sandals. It's almost like a uniform. Bobby blinks to clear his head.

"I guess you were hoping for a swim?" Bobby asks, not the least repentant.

Logan sits and sticks a hand in the water. He grimaces and leans back on the warm concrete.

Bobby smiles. "Hey it's not that cold." He allows himself a wry grin. "Right now, I'm lucky I can even get the pool."

"You create it well enough," Logan says in remembrance.

Bobby suddenly faces one of the single most embarrassing body reflexes. His face goes scarlet. He ducks his head and hopes Logan will simply assume it's sunburn. The funny thing about going to mutant school, you aren't nearly as unique there. Not that Bobby has any doubts about his abilities, but to hear it from someone like Logan? Someone who is just that much cooler than he is. It's maybe better than hearing it from anyone else.

"Thanks," he mumbles.

Logan doesn't reply, just lays all the way back against the sidewalk with his arms behind his head. Bobby stares, more or less shamelessly. Logan has his eyes closed, but he's found that doesn't always matter with the X-Men. He kicks his feet a few times, wishing just a little that he hadn't chilled the pool. Logan would have swam some. Maybe they could have goofed off in the water.

Logan has a smile on his face, though. And the sun is warm. That makes up for a lot.

"Deep thoughts, kiddo?"

Bobby grimaces at the 'kiddo' comment. He's almost an adult. "Some. I guess."

"Nothing you wanna share, I suppose." Logan presses.

"Maybe." He's not sure how much he can say without giving it all away. "I just. It's like, liking someone who wouldn't ever think of you that way. And there are good reasons because no one would approve and other stuff. And maybe this person would never even think of you that way because you're too young, too something. So, you know it would never work but you still hope sometimes, that things might be different." Bobby shrugs. "I don't even know exactly."

Logan sits up, resting his elbows on his knees. "Sounds like you've got a lot on your mind."

Bobby nods and then shrugs. There's nothing he can do about it. A few more minutes of silence and Logan stands up, leaving the pool behind. Bobby glares at the water and nearly freezes his foot into it.

Later that night, he sits in the rec room with a handful of other students and tries to keep his mind free of the detritus that tends to fill it up. It's harder than it should be to not think about things. Television is supposed to rot your brain. Bobby wishes it would hurry up. He can still think too much.

Logan comes in just after Will and Grace. There's a paper bag tucked under his arm and he has a snarl of his face that makes Bobby just a little nervous. No one else in the room saw Wolverine on a rampage. Bobby watched a man die against the refrigerator.

"All of you but him, out," he says.

Bobby turns and sees the finger pointed at him. He stands, facing Logan across the coffee table. The other man sets down the rumpled paper bag and reaches into it. Bobby tenses ready for just about anything. Except for what is pulled out.

Two pints of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream and a VHS cassette.

Bobby grins because it's his favorite, even if Logan doesn't know that. He sits back against the couch, startled but pleased. The movie is in, the lights are dimmed and Bobby has strict instructions to keep the ice-cream from melting. I can do that, Bobby thinks.

"I wanted to get the first one," Logan explains as the credits roll, "but they only had this."

Army of Darkness isn't exactly like Evil Dead, but it's close enough that it doesn't matter. Bruce Campbell rocks.

It's only halfway through the movie but Bobby has already finished his ice-cream and intermittently glancing over at Logan's. That the pint is resting between Logan's legs is purely incidental. Logan notices his longing stare and holds out the carton to the boy. Bobby takes it with a grin. The cardboard is faintly warm against his fingers.

Just before the final fight Bobby slumps over a little, leaning his head lightly against Logan's arm. Logan shifts until his big palm rests on both their legs. It feels strangely hot. A slow burn through his flannel pants. By the time the end credits roll, Logan's fingers are stroking gently, playing with the seam of Bobby's pjs.

"You feelin' any better, kid?"

Bobby looks up, which puts them face to face. "I'm not thinking about it. I guess that's better." With more daring than he thought possible, he pushes up off the couch and presses his lips against Logan's. "Thanks for, y'know..." He backs up and towards the hall. "I'm just gonna go to bed."

Logan stares silently at the television for a moment. "Hey Bobby," he calls out, "when's your birthday?"

He freezes. "November. The uh, twelfth."

"Come talk to me in a couple months then, huh?" He turns to look over his shoulder and offers Bobby a wide smile.

His knees feel a little weak, not too bad though. Scarier things have happened. Bobby trips a little as he walks out towards the dormitory. He keeps looking back and Logan is still smiling at him. November's not far away.