Oh, Surely Not!
By: Chaos and Raven

Severus Snape was not, contrary to popular belief, a morning person. If his students were to be believed, he woke at dawn to devote as much time as possible to new forms of complicated and torturous homework. It simply wasn't true. Which is why instead of shrieking as a normal person might after being rudely woken, he merely growled when the blankets were ripped off his naked form. His ankles were grasped in strong, callused hands and he was yanked unceremoniously to the foot of the bed. His legs bent at the knee and his feet dangled off the edge.

"The fuck?" He grumbled unintelligibly; his hand waving about searching for the purloined duvet. The dungeon air was chilled and damp against his skin.

"Guess what I found out?" A laughing voice sounded from somewhere near Snape's feet.

He emitted a low growl; his eyes still clenched shut as though trying to evade the reality of morning. "I want my blanket back."

"Did you know," it continued, "that you can actually request Bott's beans flavors?" That mouth was distressingly close to his inner thighs. He could feel the moist, warm air gusting between his legs. "All you need is a sample and they make up a batch of special Bott's beans." There was a deliriously happy sigh that made Snape shiver.

Giving up on getting any more sleep, Snape levered himself onto his elbows and glared at his lover. "And why, Mr. Potter, did you feel the need to interrupt my sleep to tell me this? Shouldn't you be in your dormitory at this ungodly hour?"

Harry didn't answer. He shot Severus a lazy grin and began mapping the soft skin of his inner thighs. Snape groaned and dropped his head back onto the bed. He loved morning sex. It was almost better than sleeping in. And Harry, cheeky brat that he was, was very good at making sex more appealing than sleep. More appealing than anything really. Snape reminded himself that he ought to breathe every few seconds.

Harry's tongue was tracing indecipherable patterns along the insides of his legs, carefully wandering along the silky texture of Snape's inner thighs. Up and down and pause to suck the skin in his mouth and bite and suck and trace. All this lovely mouth work, a whole eight inches from his cock. Snape groaned. And then whimpered. He tried to move his hands to help Harry along but found that he was quite incapable of displacing them from where he had fisted them in the sheet.

"Fifty points from Gryffindor, Potter," Snape said breathlessly, "for being a fucking tease."

Harry looked up at him, his eyes smoldering. "You should know better by now, Professor. I don't tease."

To punctuate his statement, Harry mouthed his way up Severus' thigh to suck on the sharp protrusion of his hipbone. He lapped at several fading marks in the soft hollow between Snape's hip and cock. Biting down, he suckled on one, bringing more blood to the surface and renewing the mark. His mark. Snape moaned happily.

"We're not going to shag, Professor." Harry began speaking in a low, husky voice. His fingers were now mapping the skin his tongue had traced. "Not first anyway. After you come, I might decide I want a piece of your gorgeous ass. I want you to come really, really hard and it's best if I use my hands for that."

Snape whimpered in agreement. Harry rubbed his hands up Snape's sides to tweak his nipples. He pulled at them, twisting until his lover groaned loudly. "Ha… Harry…" He panted. Severus' fingers were finally cooperating and he brought his own hands between his thighs.

"Oh no." Harry knocked Snape's hands away easily. "I want to do it all. You'll like it better this way. I promise." He smiled lazily. "Don't you want to know what else I've got planned, Severus darling? Mm, you're so hot like this. Fucking sexy bastard." Harry tweaked his nipples again, making Severus arch his back. The warm hands retraced their steps back to his hips and began a slow decent to his achingly hard cock. "I think I'll stroke you for a while. Not too hard, just a steady, constant speed. It's not enough is it?" Harry's actions were mimicking his voice. His hands confidently acting out his promises and wrenching gasping moans from Snape. "Next, I think I'll fuck you with my tongue. You've got such a lovely tight ass."

Snape writhed uncomfortably as Harry forced his legs up and apart. Wet tongue slipped down to his balls, skimming them lightly. Harry's Quidditch roughened fingers spread his cheeks apart carefully and then Snape was assaulted with more sensation than he was ready for. Harry's tongue swept across the sensitive skin of his hole, testing the resistance carefully. He slowly -- slowly -- forced himself into Snape's body. The slick muscle wiggled comfortably within him and Severus relaxed another notch. He let out a keening cry as Harry began to thrust his tongue in and out; his hand continuing its ragged beat against Snape's weeping cock.

Harry pulled out gently, dragging his tongue up along his lover's balls and then further to trace along his cock. He nudged it with his cheek, murmuring contentedly. "You taste good," he purred. "I'm going to suck your cock and fuck you with my fingers now."

Snape wasn't sure when Harry had the time to lube up his hand but the fingers that brushed against him were slick with more than saliva. He grunted as one was thrust roughly up into him. Harry's fingers were long and graceful but callused. Severus fought to keep his thighs spread. He wanted to collapse limply in Harry's grasp, but that was impossible.

"God, you're sexy. I could pleasure you forever, just to see that look on your face," Harry groaned. "Your skin is like silk. Soft and delicate, like I could tear pieces out of you if I weren't careful. I love to make you moan and whimper. And you do. You're such a slut." He thrust another finger in, twisting sharply. "You spread your legs the second I come into the room, don't you? Fucking hell. I want to shag you. You have to come first though. Are you close Sev?"

"Oh, god! Harder!" Snape writhed beneath Harry's insistent fingers. His moaning reached a fevered high as he was engulfed in the wet heat of Harry's mouth. His hips bucked wildly, trying to force his lover on but Harry was unmoved. He continued to stroke Snape with the same unforgiving rhythm that he had been before.

Harry flicked his tongue along the length of Severus' cock, sucking firmly at the head. He carefully slid his mouth down to bury his nose in the wiry curls. His lover let out a breathy cry that made Harry groan in sympathetic response. His one free hand was holding Snape's hips still, though it wasn't working particularly well. Under his sweating palm, Severus was gyrating insistently -- if not enthusiastically.

"Oh fuck. Jesus fucking Christ! More, oh Harry, please more!"

Well, when he was asking so nicely…

Harry sucked. Hard. And then began to lift his head up and off, still maintaining that pressure. His teeth scraped, just a little. And only kind of on accident. Snape's hands tore at the sheets and he cried out loudly. He jerked and his cock stiffened impossibly more. Harry had been waiting for that and drew off smoothly and quickly, shoving his palm over to catch the sudden burst of semen.

Snape thrust helplessly twice more before settling down. His breath was still coming in ragged pants. Harry's fingers were still buried deep within him and he shuddered helplessly as they jabbed -- not quite viciously -- against his prostate.

"Damn, I love watching you come," Harry murmured, his eyes lightly glazed.

He moved away quickly, being cautious when removing his hand. From the little table next to Snape's bed, he procured a small plastic container. Harry smiled benignly at Snape as he scraped his palm against the opening of the jar. He flipped the lid back on and cast his glance about the room. From his thoroughly debauched position on the bed Severus couldn't see as Harry found his owl and tied the unwieldy container to his leg. He did hear the faint displacement of air as Dot flew off, though.

Harry returned to view sucking on his fingers enthusiastically. "Flip over," he said. "And drop your feet to the floor."

Snape's cock twitched, drawing out a small helpless noise. He was still overly sensitized from his first orgasm. He moved. Imperceptibly. Harry glared a bit, then took one smooth step forward, grabbed him by the hips, tossed him on his stomach and yanked him forward so his hips were bent over the edge of the bed.

"Unhhh." It could have been a whine of pain, except it wasn't. It was hard to feel pain when Harry was being… forceful. That was just sexy. Snape's cock twitched again.

"Did I ever tell you that I used to dream about this?" Harry whispered. He was leaning over Severus' back, his fingers delving between them to spread his cheeks. "Started right when I turned fifteen. My first wet dream starring Professor Snape. I believe I bawled my eyes out after I woke up." He thrust in carefully. "It wasn't until 6th year that I would picture you while still awake. That's when I decided I had to have you." He pulled out a little and jabbed his hips forward. Hard. "Oh fuck. You should not be this tight. Ah, we… oh… we shag all the time…."

"I find your talking to be highly overrated, Mr. Potter, would you kindly shut the hell up and finish fucking me?" Snape snarled.

In response, hands wound around Severus's hips, clutching him firmly. They moved together with practiced ease. Snape was able to do little more than stand there and take it but that was okay. Harry pushed and pulled him into each thrust, his head falling between Snape's shoulders. His breath was coming in ragged bursts. His thrusts were gaining intensity as he approached orgasm. With a last helpless cry, Harry stiffened and came. After a moment, he kissed Snape where his head had been resting and pulled out slowly.

"They should be ready by next week, I think," Harry said, running his fingers down Severus's spine. "My special Bott's beans. I requested them in orange. Bright orange. I imagine I'll eat them quite a lot." He hummed happily. "Snape spunk. It will be lovely."

"Fucking prick," Snape said grumpily. "I hate you."

Harry sighed a little and hoisted his exhausted lover back onto his bed. "Oh well. I happen to be quite taken with you."

"Obnoxious brat," he continued, pulling on Harry's arm until they were lying side by side. "You were supposed to wait until graduation. You promised that we wouldn't shag again until after you graduated. I won't even be able to look at you anymore without thinking about it. Sodding bastard."

"Oh, say 'shag' again," Harry murmured, snuffling his nose in Severus' hair. "I like it when you curse. It's so sexy."

"Fucking Gryffindors! Does nothing penetrate that thick skull of yours? Teacher/student relations are not acceptable!"

Harry placed a soothing kiss on Snape's neck and huddled against his back. "Good morning, Severus. Sleep well?"

"No, I did not!" He grouched. "My stupid boyfriend doesn't graduate for another four months and I'm not supposed to get any sex until then. He promised. It makes me cranky."

Harry grinned stupidly as Severus, master of all that is unpleasant, called him his boyfriend. "Will it make you feel any better if I tell you that your beans will be in Slytherin green?"