So here's the deal: if you've made it this far, you probably know that most everything on the site has guy/guy interaction to some degree (yes, they're all gay). For the sake of making things easy on me, I'm not going to go through and label every little thing. If there is full frontal nudity, I will give the pic an NC-17 rating. I will label any picture that falls under the kink category. Other than that, I think it's pretty obvious what's what. And yeah, fics are rated as stated below.

Ratings: My fics are rated much like movies are. Here's the break down.
G: Fluffy stuff, no kissing or anything. Not likely to exist in my writing.
PG: Maybe some kissing, nothing serious though.
PG-13: Kissing, groping. No sex though. Can also be used if there is violence.
R: Unexplicit sex or lots of violence or maybe both.
NC-17: Explicit sex.

Kink: This includes, and is definately not limited to: men in drag, masturbation, underage sex, and incest. I don't doubt that there are more things to be added but that's it for now.