Have you read the Warnings?
Stories are listed alphabetically by fandom.

8 Mile

PG-13 (Future/B. Rabbit)
Crack!fic. They, um, set up house.

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Stargazing with K'ung Fu-Tzu
R (Chiba/Taira)
Chiba isn't just some two-bit punk.

Final Fantasy 8

pg-13 (Seifer/Zell)
Old habits are hard to break.

Full Metal Alchemist

PG (Alphonse/Scar)
Scar didn't think Alphonse would appreciate people being squished in his defense.

Harry Potter

G (Harry/Charlie)
Whatever he was expecting, it wasn't what he found.

Fear of Flying
PG-13 (Harry/Oliver)
AU. Harry overcomes.

From the Diary of Viktor Krum
NC-17 (Harry/Viktor)
Confrontations and quidditch smut during the GoF.

J'ai Oubliť
G (Harry/Snape)
Response to the Severus Snape Fuh-Q-Fest three word challenge.

Oh, Surely Not!
NC-17 (Harry/Snape)
Response to the Severus Snape Fuh-Q-Fest scenario # 50.

Johnny's Entertainment

Sweet Things
R (Nagase/Koki)
There seems to be a problem. TOKIO/KAT-TUN crossover.

King of Fighters

R (Iori/Bennimaru)
Iori is troubled by his rivalries.


In the Hospital
G (Naruto/Shikamaru)
Obviously, it's not as troublesome as Shikamaru claims.


Raining in Kyoto
R (Hiroshi/Satoshi)
It's not really Kyoto, but it does rain.


Baby Boy
PG-13 (Lance/Aaron)
Nick's the protective older brother.

Bed Rest
NC-17 (Justin/JC)
For Spes who was sick like Justin.

Crossing Over
PG-13 (Chris/Lance)
Sometimes, getting over it isn't the hardest part.

NC-17 (Kevin/Lance)
MProv-ish. Who's your favorite?

PG-13 (Nick/Lance)
MProv. Some things are harder to say than others.

Grown Up
PG-13 (Joey/Lance)
MProv. Lance isn't just a boy any more.

Save It For A Sunny Day
NC-17 (Nick/Lance)
Written for the Lance Challenge. Dirty parking lot sex.

Two Man Bus
PG-13 (Joey/Lance)
Lance knows what he wants.

Two Man Bus - part 2
R (Joey/Lance)
Lance gets what he wants.

Prince of Tennis

Dream Boxes
G (Ryoma/Yuuta)
Buy many dream boxes, ask a friend to select one.

NC-17 (Inui/Kikumaru)
Inui is kind of a pervert but that's okay.

PG-13 (Genichirou/Akaya)
Akaya doesn't exactly like it, but he doesn't say no. Companion to this image.

That Moment Between Autumn and Winter
PG-13 (Genichirou/Masaharu)
There is one distinct difference between Masaharu and Hiroshi. For Subrosa Tennis.

Weiss Kreuz

Pushing Up Daisies NEW
PG-13 (Brad/Ken)
Ken has trust issues.


Snowball's Chance In Hell
PG (Bobby/Logan)
They're all still getting over things. (X2 movieverse)